PROJECT: Students at Promise Template System
  • To use Google Apps Scripts [GAS] and Google Drive to create a system whereby our school could make Students at Promise files via a template. The files would be centralized for all of our staff to create, examine, edit and delete. 
    • Students at Promisechildren who have been identified as having needs over and above other students, but who do not qualify for an Individualized Program Plan
  • template was created by our admin team with the categories we deemed necessary.
  • The studentsAtPromise script asks the user for the following:
    • name of the student
    • the student's teachers and all support staff
    • current grade level for the student
    • reason for the referral [Academic, Behaviour, Behaviour and Academic, ESL (English as a Second Language), Other]
  • The script then creates a Student at Promise files using the template and automatically fills in the fields using DocumentApp.
  • The file is then placed into a centralized Students at Promise folder that all staff have edit access to.
  • A "Trash Bin" file is used to place the deleted files into so they can be easily recovered in the event they were mistakenly deleted. 
  • The folderPanel is refreshed every time you create a new file or delete a file.
  • Search for students if in a large organization
Students at Promise Template System - GAS Version