PROJECT: Links Database
  • To create a Google Apps Script [GAS] to pull data off of a Google Spreadsheet (linkDB) and display the links, tags and descriptions of websites collected by users. 
  • Organize the tags to collect data by user input.
  • linkDB pulls the following KEYS as categories:
    • linkDB [Title, Tags, Description, URL, Rating, Date Added] 
    • linkTags [list of available tags]
    • Rating (future feature)
  • The Google Apps Script (linkDB Script) handles the pulling from the spreadsheet and writes the contents to an app that is displayed on site.
  • added search feature:
    • search by Tags
    • search by Keywords
    • search by Phrases [ in quotes ]
    • search sorted by relevance ... as best as I could get it for now :)
  • improve search and relevance
  • further develop link analyzer
  • add a "+1" button to vote for blogs
Links Database - GAS Version