• To create a Google Apps Script [GAS] to pull data off of a Google Spreadsheet (blogDB) into site [left panel below] and display the Blogroll of current blogs on site
  • To develop and utilize a custom Social Network Search relevant search engine from Google to search blog writer names and get Social Network results [right panel below] and display in a Google Site via an XML Gadget (socialSearch.xml).
    • The custom search engine will pull relevant Social Network search queries FIRST then anything else after that.
  • The blogDB pulls the following KEYS as categories:
    • Blog Name
    • Blog Author
    • Blog Category
    • Blog Description
    • Blog URL
    • Rating (future feature)
  • The Google Apps Script (blogDB Script) handles the pulling from the spreadsheet and writes the contents to an app that is displayed on site.
  • Added a link analyzer to allow users to add their own blog links to the database
  • further develop link analyzer
  • allow for more than one blog category tag to be chosen...or create your own tag
  • add a "+1" button to vote for blogs
Blogroll - GAS Version
Social Search